Understanding the Breed Standard

Before trying to learn and understand anything about the breed standard, it is extremely important to be able to recognise the main Nordic Sled dog breeds. A judge should always be able to see clear differences between the breeds.

Points of the Siberian Husky

It is also important that you learn all the 'Points' of the Siberian Husky. These are all detailed above.


What does the breed standard say about eyes?

Almond-shaped, moderately spaced and set obliquely. Any shade of blue or brown, one of each colour, or parti-colours equally acceptable. Expression keen, but friendly, interested, even mischievous.


What should the ears be like?

Medium size, relatively close together, triangular in shape, the height slightly greater than width at base. Set high on head, strongly erect, the inner edges being quite close together at the base, when the dog is at attention carried practically parallel. Slightly arched at the back. Thick, well furred outside and inside, tips slightly rounded.

Understanding Construction and Proportions


How does the breed standard describe movement?

Smooth and seemingly effortless. Quick and light on feet, gaited on a loose lead at a moderately fast trot, exhibiting good reach in forequarters and good drive in hindquarters. When walking, legs move in parallel, but as speed increases, gradually angling inward to single track .As pad marks converge, forelegs and hindlegs carried straight with neither elbows nor stifles turning in nor out, each hindleg moving in path of foreleg on same side. Topline of back remaining firm and level during gaiting.